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The Monday Movement is one of those interesting bands that combines a kind of folk-rock vibe with a rich sound involving a lot of pedals and effects.
— Kent Oglesby, Knoxville Music Warehouse
The Monday Movement have a very dynamic and unique sound. Their EP Through the Fire/Through the Night combines thoughtful lyrics and intricate instrumentation. Keep an eye on these guys!
— Monica Moser, NoiseTrade
Kamron and The Monday Movement were always extremely professional. Their communication was always prompt and concise, and they never failed to exude their passion for the industry and what they do. Their success goes beyond just their talent. They were a joy to work with.
— Kaley Smith, 4ms Entertainment


The music has a classic sound with the energy of rock and roll and the rawness of soul, evident in our song Black Lung from our Live at the War Room EP, as well as the material from our upcoming LP.  It would be suitable for an alternative/indie rock or pop show. Some bands with similar or mesh-able styles that come to mind would be My Morning Jacket, Haim, Bon Iver, Dinosaur Jr. (to name a few across the board).



Scout's honor: we will promote ourselves and our shows, headlining or not, like our lives depend on it (they do). We are punctual. And we aren't douches.



The Monday Movement is an indie rock outfit from Knoxville, TN. The band was founded first in 2012 as a singer-songwriter project combining the writings of Aaron White and Kamron Sanders, as a creative outlet while the two were in college. Jon Lucas joined the duo later that year. As their writing and playing developed together, their quiet musings grew jagged edges, and eventually became their debut EP, Through the Fire/Through the Night, which was released in 2015 and later featured on Noisetrade's "New & Notable."

Within the year they released two live videos, "Let Loose" and "Black Lung" - their audio released in the form of another EP, Live at The War Room. "Black Lung" in particular received notable attention and the EP was noted as one of the "Top 15 Album Releases in Knoxville" in 2015 by Knoxville Music Warehouse, who said "It only has two songs, but The Monday Movement's Live At The War Room packs an awful lot of power." The band is currently recording their first full length album, developing and giving depth to the rock'n'roll sound of "Black Lung." 


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